3 Sessions to Get Duathlon Ready

By Tom Davis

Duathlon is an excellent way for triathletes to hone that race craft and provide a great stimulus and motivation to keep working those hard sessions throughout the winter months. It’ll mean you come into the next tri season in great shape and firing on all cylinders.

But whether your main focus is duathlon, or you use them for some winter fitness or fun, the following three sessions will get you in the best shape possible for race day.

Multi Brick Session for Duathlons

Brick Training

This is a tough session, so best done a couple of weeks out from race day. Still, it provides a tremendous physiological and mental boost before race day and gives an excellent opportunity for practising transition skills.

  • 10 mins warm-up (nice and easy!)
  • 10 mins race effort on the bike
  • 5 mins race pace run
  • 5 mins easy spin
  • Repeat the above 2 or 3 times and make sure you have adequate recovery ready after this session!

Fast Start

Run Training

The first run will inevitably go out pretty quick. Triathlon starts with the swim, so this skill takes practise to enable you to go with the other competitors and still give your best for the rest of the race. So, give this session a try...

  • 9 x 400 as
  • 1 around 10 secs/km quicker than your target pace for the run in the race with 1 min easy after
  • 2 at race pace, 1 min easy between
  • Repeat 3 times

Run to Bike Brick Training

Bike Training Plan

This is a unique skill to duathlon and is one of the most challenging aspects of duathlon. If you aren’t used to the feeling, then your cycling can take a big hit. The following session will help teach the body to deal with this skill better.

  • 10 mins of a nice and easy running warm-up
  • First week, aim for 3x1k at race pace, into 10 mins of cycling, after the last run effort, aiming for race power or above, to replicate the first part of the bike leg of the race.
  • Try to repeat these sessions each week for the ¾ weeks before the race. Also, try to build the time spent running, depending on the distance of the duathlon you are competing, before you get onto the bike.

Hopefully, these sessions will help get you physically ready for race day and give you the mental confidence to go out and smash race day!!!