A Story of Triathlon and Finding Purpose Tri Suits

By Sophie King

I’m Sophie, the female half of the triathlon hubby and wife team called Tri2. We run an online triathlon coaching business and spend the rest of our time training to try and qualify as professional triathletes (the ultimate dream we continue to chase). I am also both a very proud ambassador for Neuff Red and sponsored by Team Purpose. This is the story of how Tri2 came about and why we love Team Purpose.

Our Triathlon Journey

Ironman Tri Suit

Tri2 happened after Rich and I met in Singapore, where we both lived the wonderful ex-pat life. I worked as a primary school teacher at a large international school and spent most of my free time travelling South East Asia and competing in triathlons for fun. Rich worked for a sports coaching company and was part of a prominent local tri club, Metasport. The story goes that we met on Tinder (Rich saw my Ironman 70.3 finish line photo and swiped right). However, it turned out we had loads of mutual friends. Most of them claim credit for introducing us, but the truth is we have a "Swipe left/Swipe right" app to thank for our love story!

I confessed to Rich that I had intentions of qualifying for Taupo Ironman World Champs 2020. Date two consisted of flying dismount practice, and there has been a triathlon theme to our lives ever since. Two years down the line, we gave up our high-flying jobs in Singapore to move in with Rich's parents back in the Lake District, UK, and pursue our passion as our career. We started our Tri2 online triathlon coaching business and set out to train full time and see where our triathlon journey could take us. 

We started a "One Year to Go Pro" challenge and began upping our training game. The year would bring challenges, not limited to a global pandemic, closed pools and deferred races. However, the year also brought a proposal, a wedding and a thriving online triathlon coaching business with a host of awesome athletes. We have come such a long way as triathletes and are much closer to our pro dreams than we ever have been beforehand. Highlights of the year also included being chosen as an ambassador for Neuff Red and being sponsored by Team Purpose.

Choosing the Best Tri Suit

How to Choose a Tri Suit

Rich and I discovered Team Purpose way back at the start of our relationship when I wanted to qualify for Worlds. I planned to qualify in China at Xiamen 70.3, and I tried to find the perfect tri suit. I had never been able to find one that ticked all my boxes. Humidity was a big factor in living and competing in Singapore, so Rich and I asked our friends for advice. "Team Purpose" was the name that kept cropping up. I had seen plenty of Purpose kits racing in Asia but had never tried one myself. Their reputation was undisputable though, and I often rely heavily on reviews and recommendations for any purchases.

Colourful and Comfortable Tri Suit

Purpose Tri Suit

I clicked on the website and immediately fell in love with a pink and purple number called Pro tri suit (mirage). It stood out with its bright, vibrant colours and uniqueness. It was unlike any I had seen before and very different to the typical all-black tri suit. I was sold on the look, and I clicked 'purchase'. From there, the rest is history!

I was over the moon when the tri suit arrived, and it fit perfectly. Team Purpose tri suits are unisex, and initially, I was sceptical about how this would work. The reality was that the Mirage tri-suit fit me like a glove. As a UK size 10/12, I ordered a medium, and I knew instantly that Team Purpose was a match. Rich would later get jealous and order his own medium tri suit, which also fit him perfectly! See the photo below for evidence that husband and wife can wear the same tri suit!

Best Tri Suit

I couldn't wait to race in this pink and purple number. It would match my pink and black Canyon bike perfectly. Look good, feel good, RACE good is what they say after all!! 

Why Purpose is a Great Tri Suit

What to Wear for an Ironman

Feeling good is not just about getting the colours right, though. We all know how triathletes like to co-ordinate! My favourite aspect of Team Purpose is the feel. The tri suits are made from a unique lightweight fabric called hypermesh. It is constructed with a mix of polyamide and elastane mesh, making the threads and weaves solid and sturdy yet light and breathable. It's incredible in the heat and copes with the sweat of race day like a dream. The arms and legs are snug and aerodynamic without even the slightest pinching of the skin at the seams or unflattering lumps and bumps. For me, this is a common problem I find with many tri suits and heavily elasticated cycling shorts.

I was sold by the look and feel and looked forward to testing it on a race day.  At Xiamen 70.3, I couldn't have asked for more from a tri suit. I was complimented by everyone who saw it and came away with an age group win and that precious World Champs token. I was now officially a big fan of Team Purpose and began purchasing more of their running and cycling kit.

Best Triathlon Kit


Purpose Tri Suits in the UK

The name Purpose showcases the company's ethos too. Rich and I were lucky enough to be introduced to the man behind the brand, Dr Noor Aziz, and were impressed by his outlook and the company's founding values. We told him about our plans to move back to the UK and pursue our passion for a living. An ambitious and entrepreneurial man himself, Noor just 'got it' in a way that not many did. He praised our bravery for giving up the Singapore life and doing something that most might consider a little 'out there'. Giving up the money and lifestyle of our ex-pat life to move back in with our parents and start again from scratch. He understood we were finding our "purpose" and saw something in us. We were honoured to form a partnership with him and are very proud to be a part of the Team Purpose brand.

Since then, we have continued to race and train in Purpose, Purpose, Purpose. It's incredibly effortless to represent and promote a brand that you loved in the first place. The tri suits tick all our boxes for look/feel/comfort/functionality/reputation and brand values. If you haven't already tried one, it's time to try!