Black Friday 2020 with Neuff Red Triathlon

We are not so keen on the hard-sell approach to Black Friday.  Yes, we are a business and need to sell stuff, but only if it actually helps you, as an athlete or coach, to beat your best, achieve your dreams and be happy.  So when we started thinking about Black Friday this year, we decided to do something a little different.  Our passion lies with the sport, the athletes, the coaches, the races, so that's what we are bringing you..... oh, and a bunch of great discounts too!  

Triathlon Live Chats with pro athletes, experts and coaches

Our weekend programme of live chats and webinars covers tri-specific topics, including Para-triathlon, off-season training and nutrition.

Neuff Red Para Triathlon live chat for Black Friday 2020

1. Para Triathlon: Friday 27th November, 6.30pm 

Having grown up attending and working at the para athletics games at Stoke Mandeville, we were itching to attend the 2012 Paralympics!  We managed to get tickets for almost all the events and were blown away by the inspiration, positivity and sheer power of the athletes.  Para athletes are the true superheroes of our sport.  How anyone could see para athletes as objects for sympathy, or as a 'side event' is beyond us.  Not only do para athletes compete in the same gruelling races, they do so with the additional challenges of their disability.  Anyone who has watched Phoenix Rising will, I am sure, agree!

But somehow it doesn't always feel that way when you are newly disabled from an accident.  Or what about young people who struggle to believe they can participate alongside their 'able bodied' classmates?  And whilst many coaches, clubs and event organisers might agree with inclusive sport in principle, how do they work with the needs of all athletes?  And on top of all that, para athletes are simply normal athletes with all the usual training and racing questions and challenges as the rest of us!

So we have asked Neuff Red Ambassador and Team GB Paratriathlete Steve Crowley to chat live with British Triathlon Paratriathlon Head Coach Bex Milnes about all the opportunities of para sport, and how it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it might first appear.

Friday 27th November, 6.30pm LIVE on the Neuff Red Instagram 

 Black Friday 2020: Pro Athletes talk about off-season and racing with Neuff Red

2. Off Season with the Pros: Saturday 28th November 6.30pm

The evenings are drawing in, the weather is turning and the TT bikes and race wheels are on the turbo ready for winter.  It must be time for the off-season.

Love it or hate it, a post season break and “off season” are crucial to ensure an athlete can keep progressing and racing year on year.  Without proper recovery, our experience shows that athletes hit a wall sooner or later – and when our co-founder Matt tried it, he landed in hospital with meningitis!

The principle is to take a full break for a couple of weeks after your last race, then do off-season training over winter before building up to base training in Spring 2021 with a fully recovered, revitalized, healthy body and a fully motivated mind!  BUT this is not a normal year- this is 2020!

How does off-season work when there hasn't been an on-season, and what about all the virtual winter races tempting us?  It's a tricky one to answer, so we have bought in the team to figure out what to do....

Pro athletes Laura Siddall, Nikki Bartlett and Claire Cashmore will chat on Zoom about how 2020 has affected them, their views on winter racing and what’s important about the off-season.

Saturday 28th November, 6.30pm LIVE on Zoom 

Black Friday 2020: Off-season nutrition with 4th Discipline & Neuff Red

3. Off Season Nutrition with 4th Discipline: Sunday 29th November 6.30pm

Winter for many of us means... comfort food, warming casseroles, a bit too much alcohol and enough chocolate to weigh down a Christmas tree!  But it is also a time for reduced training, so we can't hope to burn it all off!  For others, perhaps the winter season is the perfect opportunity to lay down some stores, as you struggle to maintain a healthy weight during the main training and racing season.

Claire Fudge, founder of 4th Discipline Nutrition Hub is a long distance triathlete, and also a leading clinical nutritionist specialising in sports performance.  She believes that having a little of what you fancy is good for you, and has some really useful info for all of us about achieving a good balance of food, nutrition, body composition and training.

Claire will be leading an Instagram Live Chat, taking questions about off-season body composition, weight and nutrition, and how your approach to food should change with the seasons. 

Saturday 28th November, 6.30pm LIVE on the Neuff Red Instagram 

Black Friday Discounts for triathletes

If that wasn’t enough value for you, we are offering EXCLUSIVE time limited discounts to attendees of the events!  This is not to be missed.

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Neuff Red Black Friday event schedule

Friday 27th November, 6.30pm - Join GB Paralympic Triathlon Team Coach, Bex Milne & Professional Paralympic Triathlete Steve Crowley as they discuss all things Para-sport LIVE on the Neuff Red Instagram 

Saturday 28th November 6.30pm - Join Ironman Champions Laura Siddall, Nikki Bartlett, and Paralympic Medalist Claire Cashmore for an ‘ask the athletes’ webinar on the subject of off-season training Sign up here:

Sunday 29th November 6.30pm - Join Sports Performance Nutritionist and Triathlete Claire Fudge from 4th Discipline LIVE on the Neuff Red Instagram to discuss body composition, weight loss and nutrition for off-season.


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