Cody Beals: how do 2020 races compare

Cody Beals talks to Neuff Red about his experience racing in 2020.  Cody managed to compete in IM Florida and PTO Challenge Daytona, which is more than many of us in the circumstances.  He shares his thoughts on:

  • how safe is it to race under Covid restrictions
  • the relief and celebration of being able to take part
  • the revolutionary nature of the PTO's prize money approach and the success and growth of the PTO
  • pacing strategies
  • how the Ventum bike fared on such fast courses
  • triathlon rivalries
  • how to make triathlon camps and training with friends work well
  • mental health and breaking the taboo

View the full video here:


Matt and Cody will talk again on the subject of mental health in men, in triathlon and on social media in 2021.  Sign up to our newsletter to hear more.

Cody Beals Canadian Pro triathlete