Organisation & Training just became simple and stress free with KitBrix!

“Fail to prepare and prepare to fail”:  The old adage - and one that is echoed by sport hero after sport hero - especially when you add three sports at a time into the mix!

We know you are busy people, so when it comes to fitting in training it is essential that you come prepared to maximise every precious second available to you.  This is where Kitbrix has you covered.  KitBrix is a manufacturer of modular training and race day bags.

KitBrix waterproof kit bag used for adventures

Designed for active people, KitBrix bags are noted for their durability and mobility, combining effective use of space, high-quality materials, and innovative modular design to make gear organisation and transport faster and more efficient.  With their many efficiently designed organization slots, KitBrix bags save time in transition and maximize training and race day preparation of athletes.  KitBrix bags provide an easy and cost-effective way to keep gear accessible whenever needed.

Every KitBrix bag features a reinforced grab handle, padded shoulder strap, and a rugged waterproof base that protects sports gear against the elements, perfect for those who are always on the go.  The double-lining of durable, water-resistant tarpaulin enables stress-free storage no matter the terrain.

KitBrix waterproof kit bags details

We are delighted to announce our new equipment partnership with KitBrix - another of our athlete-proven and athlete-trusted brands.  Shop the range of KitBrix Bags this season below (and watch this space for exclusive limited education bags coming very soon!).