Cody Beals talks... Mental Health in Triathlon

Triathletes are strong, fit and healthy, right?  Can't show any weakness, right?


Mental Health in Triathlon

Mental health is a big issue in sport, with 34% of elite athletes experiencing anxiety or depression in 2019*, and there is every possibility that that figure has increased during Lockdown.  Thankfully, it is gradually becoming easier to talk about mental health, and we want to explore some of the specific issues that triathletes may face.

Cody Beals is a Canadian Pro Triathlete with 10 Golds at Ironman and Challenge races, as well as many more podium places and a few course records to his name.  Yet Cody is as 'normal' as the rest of us when it comes to his mental health and has learnt a huge amount along his journey.  Equally our co-founder Matt has experienced his fair share of mental health challenges on his journey as a top Age-Grouper.

Here Cody discusses with Matt his experience of anxiety, over-training, disordered eating and what he has found to be helpful.

Sources of support for mental health

Important: This is not a medical or professional video and neither of the two participants are professional mental health workers. If you are suffering from any of the issues raised in this video, please contact your doctor and/or seek support from an organisation such as Mind or Samaritans

*Gouttebarge et al, 2019