On Cloudboom carbon running shoes | Review

by Steve Crowley

First impressions of the On Cloudboom

Which is the best Carbon Running Shoe | On Cloudboom Review by Steve Crowley

Right from opening the box it was apparent that the quality and attention to detail was great with the On Cloudboom.  I was also really surprised at how light they were!

What kind of trainers do I need for running?

Which is the best Carbon Running Shoe | On Cloudboom Review by Steve Crowley

For me, my search for the right trainer had taken some time, I supinate massively (bear weight on the outside of the foot) so I needed a trainer that can tolerate the load that’s placed right on its  lateral edge and doesn’t wear down too quickly as that can quickly cause me lateral knee pain.  It also had to give a decent amount of cushioning.  I settled on the Adidas Ultraboost and have been wearing them for around eight years. 

My one previous venture into a carbon-plate soled trainer didn’t work out so well.  I bought the Nike Flyknit and found the soles really firm and after a few kms of tempo running it felt like my sole was on fire, to the point where I’d have to stop and check that they were ok.  (Expensive mistake.)

How good are the On Cloudbooms?

Which is the best Carbon Running Shoe | On Cloudboom Review by Steve Crowley

So that leads me on to the Cloudboom, courtesy of Neuff Red.  I was tentative with my expectations and how quickly I would adapt to them if at all - to the point where I also took my Ultraboosts along with me to that first tempo run session (they weren’t required).  The biggest compliment that I can give them is that it was a seamless transition.  What do I mean by that…?  They are everything that I had previously searched for in a trainer and little bit more.  Lighter and more responsive, but also comfortable to the point that you’re almost unaware of them.  BIG positive!

I got through the first tempo run session and it felt like nothing had really changed.  I’ve now clocked up over 200kms in them, mainly Tempo and track sessions, but have also taken them out for long (18km) aerobic runs, I’ve had no issues or concerns.  They’ve certainly performed well above my expectations and are not showing any real signs of wear yet making them durable too!




About Steve Crowley

GB Paratriathlon ITU Champion Steve Crowley

Steve is a Team GB paratriathlete who has multiple ITU medals to his name, including 3 ITU World series Gold medals, as well as being the 2019 British Champion.  As a lower-leg amputee, Steve is very experienced in finding kit that supports good bio-mechanical balance, whilst optimising performance and comfort.