Looking to the future

Neuff Red product range
We have launched Neuff Red today and we are already looking at what we can do to in the near future to make things a little different. We want to showcase our products and allow you as athletes and customers to have the chance get up close and personal with them before buying, so you can really get all the facts before making your final decision. 


To this end we are looking at what we can do in the latter part of 2020 and going in to 2021 to get our products to you.


We will be featuring at the London Triathlon show in March 2021 and will be bringing a large selection of our brands with us for you to have a good look at and to ask any questions you may have. Our resident coach Joe Beer will also be at the show on the main stage and hosting the coaching cafe where he will be available to answer queries on coaching, diet and nutrition.
IRONMAN Wales - Anything is Possible


Next, we are proud to announce that we will be supporting Ironman for all of their UK and Ireland races in 2021 (tbc) and hope you will be able to come and see us and check out our range, especially deboer and Ventum bikes.


Triathlon Bike Technology Development: Joe Beer - YouTube


Our coach Joe Beer will be featuring Ventum and deboer next year along with several other brands of ours and you will be able to test and review our products for yourselves at one of the expos, training camps or training sessions that Joe attends and runs throughout 2021.


Keep an eye out for Steve Crowley! Steve is our sponsored pro and a brand ambassador and will be competing next season with one of our deboer wetsuits and he has a host of our other products at his disposal. We wish Steve every success next year, we are routing for him to make the GB Paratriathlon Team for the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics and look forward to helping to support him to achieve his goals throughout 2021. 



Our plans are not just around shows, races and exhibitions . We are looking at developing a full show room and Zwift suite at our base in Ivybridge in the South West. This will mean that you will be able to come and try our Ventum bikes and use the Zwift-enabled treadmills either as a try before you buy, or just hang out and do a bit of training if you are in the area, especially on those wet weather days when getting out is not an option. Keep an eye out for our announcements and build schedule to see when our suite will be open.



Finally, if we can develop and grow then we will re-invest to expand our athlete experience with the addition of endless pools for wetsuit testing and a cafe bar lounge for meeting and talking through all things triathlon and endurance.


Zoggs sponsor the "Swim Zone" at the 220 Triathlon Show 2015 ...
We look forward to meeting each one of you and hope that we can all learn a little from each other and share our experiences, issues, tips and tricks in the amazing world of triathlon and endurance sports for many years to come.