Why Choose HOTSHOT for Muscle Cramps?

Even if you're a triathlete at the top of the game, no one is safe from the nightmare of muscle cramps. Although now, there is a new drink on the block, which has revolutionized the way we manage muscle cramps.

Introducing the HOTSHOT Sports Shot for Muscle Cramps…

How to Beat Muscle Cramps for Triathletes

Beating the root of muscle cramps is what Dr Rod MacKinnon and Dr Bruce Bean crafted this unique concoction for. It targets hyperactive nerves to prevent, treat and recover from muscle cramps that these hyperactive nerves can cause while also helping to reduce next-day soreness.

How do muscle cramps start?

Scientists and physicians have carried out countless amounts of research over the years regarding this issue. Many people have believed that the cause of muscle cramps is due to overuse of muscles, dehydration, or electrolyte imbalance. But ultimately, it's been challenging to find the true cause of the problem.

What has also been tough to accomplish is how to relieve these troublesome aches and pains. Athletes have tried and tested numerous methods, yet many have not been able to find a reliable and lasting solution to this issue. So... will we ever be able to get rid of these bothersome and nauseating pains?

During a kayaking expedition, both Dr Rod MacKinnon and Dr Bruce Bean suddenly started experiencing severe muscle cramps in the middle of the sea. Both scientists were fully hydrated, conditioned, healthy, and highly experienced kayakers, which made this incident even more bizarre. After this completely unexpected and potentially life-threatening incident, they decided to look further into the problem of muscle cramping together.

Getting to grips with the nervous system

While various studies and findings have been produced surrounding the causes of cramps, MacKinnon and Bean discovered there was more to the root cause of cramps than issues with the muscle itself. A number of studies they looked into stated that what is actually causing the problem is neurological. Not dehydration or the lack of training, like many had believed beforehand. MacKinnon and Bean started to examine the connection between excessive nerve firing and the muscle during exercise. They found a clear link between the excessive uninhibited firing of motor neurons into fatiguing muscles and muscle cramps. Understanding that the key trigger for muscle cramps was neurological, they then focused on how best to prevent and treat muscle cramps.

Drinks for Muscle Cramps

There were always stories about cyclists and marathoners using natural products like pickle brine or mustard packs mixed with water to help with cramps. MacKinnon and Bean reported that those were effective for some by activating TRP channels in the mouth, throat and stomach that can trigger a response from the nervous system that soothes the motor neurons in the spinal cord.

The two scientists theorized methods for getting around these debilitating pains through unique combinations of natural ingredients that can act as receptor activators. They also realized there are much more powerful activators than pickle brine or mustard. After several years of experimentation, the HOTSHOT drink was finally born.

What can I expect a HOTSHOT to taste like?

The HOTSHOT includes an intense mixture of ginger, cinnamon and capsicum, with some tasters detecting notes of aniseed too. It packs a fiery punch, as the aromatic ingredients play an important role in modifying and effectively numbing the athlete's nerves after drinking the whole bottle. We all have a different tolerance and appreciation for spicy foods, so the HOTSHOT formula has been extensively reviewed and balanced for effectiveness, whilst being as palatable as is possible. Some people love it, and the majority certainly seem to agree that it is better tasting than other alternatives.

How should I drink a HOTSHOT?

Curing Muscle Cramps for Triathlons

It would be best if you drank the full shot 15 minutes before your workout or training to reap the product's benefits fully. You can also take a bottle when you first detect a cramp coming on during training or racing. There is no maximum dose, so a preventative bottle before a session, then topping up if needed is absolutely fine. HOTSHOT is NSF Certified for Sport, following WADA guidelines (World Anti-Doping Agency). It is also all-natural, non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan and Kosher.

Does the HOTSHOT actually stop muscle cramps?

Researchers at Penn State University have put the drink to the test, and it has been featured in numerous Field Studies to prove efficacy.

The results indicated that the HOTSHOT gives athletes many positive outcomes after using it, which bears out the research that the HOTSHOT's makers had conducted before its distribution.

Where to Buy Hot Shot for Muscle Cramps

Each bottle is 50ml, and although HOTSHOT was initially sold exclusively in the US, we now stock these at Neuff Red. So, British and European customers can now finally get their hands on what is so far the only scientifically proven method of preventing and treating exercise-associated cramps.

Please do get in touch if you'd like more information surrounding this revolutionary supplement.