Triathlon Bikes & Kit

Whether you are training or racing, we have carefully selected the right bike gear to help you reach your full potential.  We are the sole UK partners for Ventum bikes and stock Kask helmets, Rotor power meters, and triathlon bike accessories such as ISM saddles, XLab bottle cages, Fumpa Pump electric bike pumps and more. For optimum training and an awesome race season.  Browse our tried and tested collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a TT Bike and a Tri Bike?

A TT bike means that it is designed for cycling Time Trials.  In practice the differences between TT bikes and triathlon bikes are subtle and not really relevant for most riders.  A lot of bike manufacturers advertise the exact same bike for both, with just minor set-up moderations.  See this article from 220 magazine for more info.

What type of Bike should I get for a Triathlon?

Any bike is fine to start out with. If you want to progress, both in your performance and also comfort (think both comfort on the bike and less fatigue in your legs for the run), you will want to consider a road bike, or even a TT/Triathlon bike for longer distances.  See our beginners guide for more info.

What size Triathlon Bike do I need?

Bike fit is arguably more important than the type (or expense) of bike.  Each manufacturer has their own size charts, and you must check these carefully.  Start with the right frame size, then you can tweak the rest of your set-up (e.g. saddle/ handlebar position, pedal cranks length)  See our Ventum bike fit chart as an example.

How to choose Triathlon Bike?

Work out your budget, remembering to factor in money for a helmet, and other accessories.  Then start by looking at reviews. Think about how easy it is to maintain and how long the parts last for, or if you will put it on a turbo-trainer make sure it has compatible axles and easily changed wheels.  

Are Ventum Bikes good?

We think they are the best! They are very adjustable and the most comfortable bike we have tried.  The aerodynamics are proven to be quicker over an iron-distance course.  We also think they look great, with internal cabling and the shape of the Ventum One and Ventum Z is a modern icon. The price is pretty appealing too.

Is a Bike Power Meter worth it?

Yes. It may seem bewildering at first, but training with power data means training efficiently and racing optimally. See Joe Beer’s article on using power meters for a great introduction.

Which is the Best Power Meter for Cycling?

There are a lot of factors to consider, and a lot of good power meters on the market.  We like Rotor as it is a crank-based system, which is more accurate and reliable than pedals, and they also fit well with elliptical chainrings.  

What kit do I need for Triathlon Cycling?

Just a bike, helmet and either trainers or bike shoes, but it can be a bit more complicated than that.  See our beginners guide to triathlon kit for more info.