Triathlon Kit & Accessories

Whether you need triathlon kit for training or competition we have the right gear to help you train and race to your full potential. We stock the very best tri-suits, triathlon kit, clothing and accessories such as KitBrix triathlon bags, CompresSport socks, Caps and even Shoelaces, so that you can be fully prepared for your next triathlon. Shop through our awesome collection!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kit do I need for a Triathlon?

At its most basic, you need swimming costume/trunks and goggles for the swim; a bike, helmet, trainers and water bottle for the bike; and running kit and shoes for the run. But there is much more to it than that. See our article for more information.

What is a Tri Suit used for?

A tri suit is an item of sports clothing which is suitable to wear for the swim, bike and run sections of a race. It can be an all-in-one or a two-piece. See Laura Siddall’s A-Z guide for more info.

Do you need to change clothes in a Triathlon?

This is entirely up to you. A tri suit is suitable for all three disciplines and avoids the need to change. But if you are not racing for times and prefer to feel comfortable, changing in transition is fine.

Does a Tri Suit provide buoyancy?

No, a tri suit does not provide buoyancy. If you want buoyancy in open water, a wetsuit is what you need. Wetsuits support the optimal body position for swimming and are allowed in most open water races, particularly in the UK.

Can you swim in just a Tri suit?


Do you need a Tri Suit for a Triathlon?

No. Tri suits are optional and it is perfectly ok to change clothes between each of the swim, bike and run.

How tight should my Tri Suit be?

Tri-suits should be close fitting and snug, but not restrictive. You don’t want them flapping about, but equally it should not restrict your movement or breathing. Go for one with really good quality elastic and stretch in the fabric, and look at the reviews to ensure they don’t loosen over time. One brand of expensive ‘top-end’ tri suit we tried was loose and baggy after just a few uses.