Nutrition Products for Triathletes

Whether training or racing, correct nutrition is the key to triathlon performance. We stock the very best sports drinks, gels, chews, bars and recovery shakes for complete sports fueling.

Carbohydrate based athletes should aim for 45-60g of carbs/hour for training and events over 1 hour long. For longer, less intense rides try a bar which is higher in fat and protein. Proteins and fats are also essential for post-race recovery. Browse our range to mix and match flavours / textures to find your best combination, including natural whole-food options.

Many endurance athletes perform at their best on Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) nutrition. SFuels offers a complete range for training, racing and every-day nutrition to optimise fat burning.

Rehydrate with electrolytes and beat cramp with a sports shot.

Brands include Maurten, Clif, Saltstick, Veloforte, Luchos Dillitos, SFuels, HOTSHOT. Shop our excellent nutrition range now!