Triathlon Running Gear & Accessories

Our collection of triathlon running kit is carefully selected to optimise your performance.  Train steady and race hard with Stryd power meters.  We stock a range of the very best run accessories to make your running easier and more comfortable, including ND:R sunglasses, Greeper shoelaces, CompresSport socks and run clothing for indoors and outside from Fusion & Purpose.  Shop our tried and tested range!




Frequently Asked Questions

How often should Triathletes Run?

That really depends on your training plan, what distance you are racing, and how much time you have.  At the beginning, just get out of the door and start running!  After that, running 2-3 times a week is probably a rough average, but make sure you are training appropriately, not hammering every run.  

How fast should my Training Runs be?

Most training should be in zone 1, with a few specific sessions in higher zones.  If you don’t have a power meter, or heart rate monitor, make sure you can easily hold a conversation (or breathe through your nose) for most sessions.  If that seems impossible, you need to slow down even if that means walking!

What does Stryd Footpod do?

Stryd footpod measure the power that you are running at, taking into account how quickly you are running, but also any hills as well as (uniquely) the real time wind speed.  This is useful as it takes more effort to run a hilly, windy course than a flat, still one.  So if you run by speed, you will exhaust yourself far too quickly on the challenging session or race.

Is a Stryd Power Meter more accurate than GPS?

Stryd uses GPS to measure position, distance and also elevation.  But it also measures other factors such as wind speed and your footstrike and cadence.  That makes it much, much more useful than just a footpod with GPS and a cadence measure.

Are On Cloud shoes worth it?

We like On Cloud shoes, and have moved over from some firm favourites to train and race in them.  As with every shoe, they don’t suit everyone, so it is worth finding a local expert shop to discuss the best shoes for you.  Ensure they consider your whole body dynamics, as your arch shape bears no relevance for selecting shoes, despite the great-sounding jargon.

Should you wear Sunglasses while Running?

This is personal preference. Sunglasses protect from the glare of the sun and also the wind. If you find running in glasses uncomfortable, it might be worth trying the ND:R Sunglasses. They are extremely lightweight, offer great all-round sun protection and prescription options are available.  We are absolutely hooked and rate them above other well-known brands for a much lower price.