Triathlon Swimwear & Accessories

Whether you are in the pool or open water we have the right swim gear to help you train and race to your full potential. We stock the very best wetsuits from deboer and Dare2Tri, with a range to suit elite, intermediate and beginner athletes. Browse our swim training aids including floats, fins, paddles, goggles, snorkles, earplugs and most importantly - open water swim safety buoys. Shop our awesome collection!

Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear to swim in a Triathlon pool?

Normal swimming costumes are fine, or if you are looking for a good time in the race, try a tri suit as this will mean you don’t need to get changed between the swim, bike and run.

What type of Wetsuit do I need for Open Water Swimming?

Firstly, it must be a swimming wetsuit, not a surf wetsuit. They are completely different. After that it depends what kind of swimmer you are. Find the least restrictive suit for your budget - you want the least resistance on your shoulders as possible to avoid fatigue in your arms and shoulders. We love the deboer wetsuits, as it really is in a different league, but if that is out of your budget, you will be interested to know that Dare2Tri wetsuits is made by the same team, with similar neoprene.

Should a Wetsuit be tight?

Yes. A wetsuit should be snug and fit like a second skin. There should be no bagginess or wrinkles, but equally they shouldn’t restrict your movement or cut off your circulation. Putting on a properly fitting wetsuit should be a bit of an effort, but you must be able to breathe once it is done up!

How do I put my Wetsuit on?

See this useful guide and video by deboer for the very best tips.  Put plastic bags over your feet and hands, pull the wetsuit up from the inside, not the outside and bring it as high up over your hips as possible before you put your arms in.

What thickness Wetsuit should I buy?

The maximum allowable thickness for racing is 5mm, but you will want thinner for warmer water.  Most swimming wetsuits have a variety of thicknesses on different parts, e.g. thinner arms to allow  movement.  If you are winter training in open water, consider thermal vests, hoods, gloves and boots such as the Polar Range.

What’s the best Wetsuit for Breast Stroke?

The only breaststroke-specific suit that we know of is the Dare2Swim by Dare2Tri.  The shoulders have been specifically designed to stretch in the appropriate direction for breast-stroke movements.

What do you wear under a Wetsuit?

You can wear normal swimming costume / jammers or a tri-suit.  You don’t need to wear anything under a tri-suit.

Will my Wetsuit stretch?

Wetsuits is designed to be stretchy when you swim and move, but it will not stretch and become bigger or looser over time.

What Accessories do I need for Open Water Swimming?

Basically, a wetsuit and swimming googles.  We would also highly recommend a safety swimmer, which is a float that hooks onto your waist and provides a float for you to rest on if you get tired or cramp.  It is also highly visible so others can see you, and as an added bonus it stores your dry kit for when you are finished.