Launched in 2021, INCUS NOVA offers a world-leading platform for learning & inproving across all three triathlon disciplines.  With the cycling element coming soon in 2022, INCUS NOVA will be the first wearable to offer high-performance, accessible data to improve your performance from start to finish.

INCUS helps you to measure and improve your performance with ground-breaking wearable technology and simple, performance-enhancing analytics.

INCUS | NOVA - Smart Sports Performance Data 

How does INCUS NOVA work?

The scientists at INCUS have done the hard work, so you can simply focus on your performance.  The unobtrusive pod designed to sit at the top of your spine measures a huge range of data on your session.  Not only does it offer accuracy on true pacing and cadence, because of the position on your body it can also measure body balance, impacts & injury, technique and more.

With a single button start, you can train as normal then actionable insights are immediately available.  INCUS NOVA automatically recognises aspects of your technique that relate to your performance and injury, including World-first measures of efficiency and balance.  It also connects to your existing smart devices to bring all your performance data into one place.

One click. Forget about it. 
INCUS does the rest.


What data does INCUS NOVA measure? 

The same INCUS NOVA unit measures data from each discipline, which is accessed through either the INCUS | CLOUD platform, or through integration with other platforms.  INCUS CLOUD automatically crunches your fitness data for you, revealing insights your data is telling you but you can’t see.

Sync your NOVA device with the CLOUD for real-time or post-session feedback.  INCUS insights then help you run and swim proactively, by showing you what your fitness data means, and how to use it to improve tomorrow.

INCUS | NOVA Swim Analytics

Swim Data

Pace – How fast you are swimming, reported in minutes per 100m.

Split Time – The total time taken to swim a length, rep or set.

Swim Economy - A measure of your Stroke Efficiency on both left and right hand sides, displayed as a ratio of Speed Gained (Light Blue bars above zero) against Speed Lost (Dark Blue bars below zero).

    • Above 60% - High Stroke Efficiency
    • 50% - Good Stroke Efficiency
    • Below 40% - Low Stroke Efficiency

Stroke Rate – The amount of strokes performed per minute.

Body Roll – The amount of rotation on your left and right strokes. Typical values for Triathletes range between 40 and 70 degrees. Whilst rotation is different for everyone, values below or above those values are likely under or over rotation.

Body Pitch – This indicates the amount of tilt (up and down) in your body as you swim. The closer the value is to 0° the better, as this means you are closer to being parallel to the surface of the water. However, this is incredibly unlikely given the undulating movement of swimming.

INCUS | NOVA | CLOUD Run Analytics

Run Data

Pace – How fast you are running, reported in minutes per km/mile

Cadence – The average number of steps you take per minute.

Power – The amount of energy you are using during each kilometre/mile. Unlike pace it accounts for hills, terrain, wind and fatigue effects.

Take Off Acceleration – How much you are accelerating at the moment your foot leaves the floor on both your left and right foot. The higher the value the better but having an equal value on your left on right leg is also very important.

Landing Deceleration – How much you decelerate or ‘brake’ at the moment your foot makes contact with the floor on both your left and right foot. The lower the value the better but having an equal value on your left on right leg is also very important.

Stride Phases

Ground Contact Time – The time between your initial contact with the ground and your toes leaving the ground on the same foot.

Flight Time – The time between your toes leaving the ground and initial contact with the ground on the subsequent step.


Learn from the Pros

INCUS has teamed up with some of the best pro athletes to offer regular, exclusive tips and tricks to help you on your fitness journey.  Learn how to improve tomorrow's training session with your data insights and supercharge your training.

The INCUS team includes some of the Neuff Red pro team, as well as other favourite athletes.

Claire Cashmore | INCUS Pro Ambassador

"INCUS are a brilliant and fun team to work with. The data I’m collecting from NOVA is helping me to build a clearer picture of what my body is doing underwater. I also use the running data in the new update, to help me in the build up towards Tokyo 2021"

Claire Cashmore MBE - Pro Triathlete. 8 x Paralympic Champion. ITU Champion


"The NOVA is already making a massive difference. Swam the set of my life in the pool this morning after working on a few changes."
Tom Davis- Pro Triathlete, Erdinger Alkoholfrei. 2nd Place IRONMAN Gdynia, 2nd Place Outlaw X 2020

"I’m so excited to start working with the INCUS Performance team. Being able to have all the training data at my fingertips after every session will prove invaluable in my quest to win the Kona World Championships."

David McNamee - Pro Triathlete. Twice podium placement at IRONMAN World Championships


"I’ve really enjoyed working with the INCUS team to produce accurate and useful information that can add something to everyone’s training."

Alistair Brownlee - Double Olympic Champion, Commonwealth Champion, Multiple World Champion Triathlete