About Ventum Bikes

Ventum bikes stand out from the crowd, not just because of their stylish looks, but more importantly with their performance driven design excellence.


The Ventum Bike Family

Having launched with the patented 'Z' shaped Ventum One triathlon bike, Ventum since added both road and gravel bikes to their offer.  All Ventum bikes are designed from scratch by a combined team of engineers and pro-athletes, crafting the perfect balance between handling, aerodynamics, comfort and weight. 

Now available in the UK for the first time, built to order in the UK to your specifications.


All-New Ventum One Triathlon Bike  

The 2021 redesigned Ventum One refines the Future of Speed.  Featuring improved adjustability, superior braking, and increased storage culminating in Ventum's most aerodynamic bike to date.  

Ventum One Triathlon Bike


NS1 Road Bike

Award-winning design with a fully customisable set-up.  The NS1 will handle any road, any time.

Ventum NS1 Road Bike


GS1 Gravel Bike

Whoever said a gravel bike can't be aerodynamic has never ridden the GS1.  Optimised for comfort and speed off-road, the GS1 handles like a dream, rides like the wind and brings high-performance to gravel riding.

Ventum GS1 Gravel Bike | Exclusive in the UK to Neuff Red



The Ventum Story

Ventum Founder Diaa Nour shares the story behind the bike and the brand in this exclusive Neuff Red interview.


Starting moving

Ventum’s story begins in a similar way to many favourite brands: in a small garage late at night.  Jimmy Seear was a pro athlete from an engineering family with a concept design for the best, most aerodynamic triathlon bike for him and his friends.  When Jimmy connected with businessman Diaa Nour, this pet project quickly developed into a viable product and business model.  The two founders perfected a unique design for the Ventum One 'hyper bike' and the brand was launched in 2015 at the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  Designed to be the best bike specifically for triathletes rather than simply adapting ICU-legal TT frames, the radical 'Z' shaped frame, inspired by non-traditional bikes from previous decades, featured integrated hydration and superb customisability.  Tested not only in the wind tunnel, but also with pro-athletes, the Ventum One decreased drag by 117g (24%) over the top triathlon bikes of the time, all whilst handling like a dream.

Ventum Bikes | UK

On the Ascent

VENTUM became the official bike sponsor for the 2016 Ironman World Championship.  Passing the most stringent stress and deflection testing in the industry, the Ventum One was the first “non-traditional” bike frame to be declared legal by the international governing body of triathlon.  The Ventum One was not only very fast, it was also very safe. 

Ventum Bikes UK | Neuff Red

The introduction of the Ventum Z in 2017 made the patented 'Z' shape more accessible at a lower price point, whilst keeping the incredible performance for which Ventum had by now gained a solid reputation. 

By 2018, Ventum partnered with Ironman to be their first Global Bike Partner, a milestone which saw Ventum represented across the globe.


Gathering Speed

2019 saw the introduction of the NS1, Ventum’s first UCI legal road bike.  Once again, this bike was designed right from the drawing board by a team of athletes as well as engineers, resulting in an optimal balance of aerodynamics, light weight, compliance and clean handling for tackling any road.  Using advanced carbon layup and Graphene design and technologies, the NS1 is one of the lightest and strongest road frames on the market today.

Ventum Bikes UK | Neuff Red

Not content with standing still, in 2020 Ventum launched their GS1 gravel bike.  Whilst most triathlon bikes prior to the Ventum One had been simple adaptations from TT bikes, so gravel bikes have largely been adapted road or hybrids.  Shattering this concept and designing specifically with gravel racing in mind, the Ventum GS1 combines the best carbon technology and design with real-world aerodynamics, handling and comfort to create a gravel bike that will ride everywhere, comfortably handles aero riding and is our absolute new favourite!

Ventum Bikes UK | Neuff Red


2021 started with the Ventum NS1 winning the Bicycling Magazine bike awards and there is more to come from this soon-to-be iconic brand.  With their focus on innovation and performance, you can be sure that 2021 and beyond will see the more world-leading product options.