Neuff Red Ambassadors

We are looking for Ambassadors to join our team!  

At Neuff Red, we are passionate about triathlon, and more specifically about triathletes.  It is people who make the sport, not products, and we were founded on the desire to help those people become better athletes.  We already have a fantastic team of pro athletes and experts, all of whom are as passionate as they are experienced. 

Now we want some ambassadors to join the team.  Not experts, not pros, but passionate, interesting, interested individuals who want to share their experience and love of all-things-tri.

Neuff Red team of pro triathletes, sport experts and ambassadors

What will Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors will spread the word about Neuff Red through their networks, be it in 'real life' or on-line.  There will be opportunities to:

  • Host exclusive events featuring top brands, pro athletes and experts for your friends and contacts  
  • Attend exclusive Ambassador events to engage with our pro and expert teams
  • Get involved in attending races and events
  • Access exclusive discounts across our store  

Who can be a Neuff Red Ambassador?

We are looking for people who:
  • Passionate about triathlon with a great story to tell
  • Well connected within the triathlon / endurance space (e.g. with a local club, race series, online or on social media)
  • Engaging and interested in supporting other athletes
  • Agree with our ethos of 'Leave your ego at the door'.

How to apply

If you think this is you, please fill in the form below.  

On the other hand, we don't know you as an individual yet, so if you don't quite fit these criteria, but believe you could be an awesome ambassador, please fill the form in anyway and let us know why you'd be a great fit.