Ventum and Neuff Red


Welcome to Ventum@Neuff Red. On this page we would like to go through the information regarding our relationship with Ventum, what the order process is and how ordering through our site will benefit you as a customer and help to develop Ventum as a brand here in the UK.


Back in March 2020 we looked at the British bike market and saw plenty of great brands that are readily available, featured online and in a great many shops throughout the UK.  This is a good thing, but we felt that something was missing. In our time, the team at Neuff Red has had the benefit of riding most serious brands on the market, including a good selection of the triathlon super bikes.  Although they are all remarkable in their own right, there was still something that we felt could be even better.

This feeling began a search for a new type of bike, one that was truly different, a bike that was centred around innovation, technological development and a new way of looking at what could be done to simply get the best out of every inch of carbon and produce the fastest most aerodynamic bike possible.

Enter Ventum

Our search was actually a pretty short affair as we quickly turned our eyes to Ventum.  Ventum ticked every box and several that we had not reckoned on: they have developed a bike that simply defies the conventions of a normal bike build with their triathlon-specific Ventum One.  Real time and dedication has been put in to the design and development of this bike, with details such as the integrated water bottle that not only means hydration is immediately available via a built-in drinks tube fitted with a bite-valve, but the bike is actually faster with the bottle attached. 



The Issue

Everyone who is part of the triathlon world will have heard of Ventum as they have been the official bike partner of Ironman since 2018.  The only problem is, where do you go to get a look at Ventum's bikes?  You ideally do not want to be shelling out on a new bike without having the ability to view or test one prior to purchase, to make sure it is the bike for you.  Also where would you go for after-sales advice and bike set-up or future repair should you need it?

Ventum has a very dedicated customer service ethos, keeping in touch with its customers to make sure that they are completely happy with their bike and to address any questions as they may occur (which is more than you get from most bike companies).  This is great but as a UK customer you would like to know that all of your Ventum requirements were available here in the region if required.


The Partnership and How We Work

Neuff Red has secured the first ever UK partnership with Ventum and we are very proud and excited about this.  Ventum will be new to the market in the UK and as such both companies want to test the water and see how things develop over time.  So how does this work from a customer point of view? 

Neuff Red has a range of Ventum bikes that we will be taking to various shows and exhibitions across the country.  Customers will also be able to visit our site to experience Ventum for themselves. In late 2020 early 2021 we plan to build a new showroom and Zwift suit, where you will be able to come and ride a Ventum to get a true feeling for the bikes.  We are here to walk and talk you through every aspect of Ventum and give you a chance to get up close and personal with the brand.

Once you have decided that a new Ventum is the bike for you then go to our order page, read the additional information and click on the 'Order from Site' button.  You will then be taken to the main Ventum site to build and place your order and we are more than happy to help you with this process if you require.

Your bike will then be built and shipped either to us, for you to collect, or to your front door but in the knowledge that we will be here every step of the way and to offer after sales and expert bike setup should you require it, including aero optimisation using a virtual wind tunnel that will be offered for a small fee and will be available later in 2020.


Why Not Go Direct?

1.) Coming through Neuff Red will give you all of the listed sales and after sales support and you will be on our VIP list for future bike servicing and any additional requirements you may need. 

2.) We will be on hand in the unlikely event that there is an issue with your bike when it arrives and can get any problems address straight away.

3.) We have a direct line through to the team at Ventum and with this comes an unprecedented level of additional support and tech services direct from the main source, which is more than you would get with most bike brands.

4.) If we can grow Ventum then they are here to stay and will become a great addition to the UK market as they are more than just triathlon with the incredible NS1 road bike and with new offerings that will be coming as time progresses.


The Final Reason to Buy through Neuff Red (Shipping)

As we know, shipping is never an additional cost we want to add on to our purchases and then we also have the wonder and mystery that is UK import duty, which we cannot get away from.  To try to mitigate this, Ventum have exclusively offered Neuff Red and its customers free shipping on all of their bikes, by the use of a one time code which we will give to you at the point of purchase.  Unfortunately we cannot bypass the import duty, but with no shipping costs this will balance the purse strings.

We sincerely hope that this will be the beginning of a great future for Ventum and our athletes in the UK and if you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our Ventum info page and thank you for taking an interest in Ventum and Neuff Red.

Keep riding and smiling


Director & Founder Neuff Red