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Ventum Bikes UK | NS1 Road Bike


There's a reason why Bicycling Magazine has awarded the NS1 Best Bike of 2021.  Here it is:

Lightweight and Aero

The Ventum NS1 puts paid to the idea that a road bike cant be both lightweight and aerodynamic.  Tested not only in the wind tunnel, but also in 'real-life' by pro athletes, every element of the Ventum NS1 has been designed for maximum aerodynamic performance.  And yet, fully-configured, the NS1 weighs as little as 6.8kg.  Any lighter and it would be illegal to race.

Ventum Bikes UK | NS1 Road Bike

Ride Where You Want

Engineered for performance, designed for versatility.  The Ventum NS1 is flexible yet robust and can handle any road you can.  Whether a leisure group ride or a mountainous race, the NS1 will take you there in comfort and safety.  Crafted from the finest possible materials using advanced silicon EPS manufacturing processes, the NS1 frame is lighter, stronger and built to last.

Ventum Bikes UK | NS1 Road Bike

Your Bike, Your Specs

Featuring a clean design, disc brakes and clearance for up to 30mm tires, the Ventum NS1 uses advanced technologies such as carbon nanotubes and graphene to deliver a forward-thinking bike design.  Choose from the six frame sizes, then customise with a wide range of components parts.  Tailor your stem length, bar width, cranks and more to achieve your perfect fit.  We build your bike just for you, then ship straight to your door.

Ventum tailoring accommodates a wide variety of riders and positions, but if you deed even more adjustability or want custom parts, Ventum uses all standard-sized parts, so you can add your own after-market components.

Ventum Bikes UK | NS1 Road Bike

NS1 Reviews:

"I love the NS1 because it's so versatile. It is super light, handles very well, and has a great aerodynamic design. It doesn't hurt that it's a stylish looking bike as well!" - Morgan Pearson, Team USA Olympic Distance Triathlete

"So what do you get when you combine cable-free minimalism, aero tubing, top-end ENVE wheels, and lightweight carbon fiber frame?  An absolute all-road beast." -Nat Bromhead,

"I don’t really know how to describe it other than fast.  It is smooth and forgiving over rough terrain, which is something I have struggled with other aero bikes that just throw you around as you pass over the smallest crack or bump in the road." - Joanna Brown, Canadian Olympic Distance Triathlete


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