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Ventum One Triathlon Race Bike | UK

The patented 'Z' shape of the Ventum One and Ventum Z triathlon bikes is quite simply designed to go faster in comfort.  Designed from scratch to be the best triathlon bike in the world, the One combines the optimal aerodynamics and real-world rideable design, all delivered in the very best carbon technology.  

Built for racing, design features include an integrated hydration system which reduces aerodynamic drag, a wide carbon canvas to absorb shock and a Z-shaped frame for reduced aero disruption, particularly in side-winds.  All these features combine to keep your legs fresh for the run.  The Ventum One and Z are much, much more than a TT bike adapted for triathlon. 

Ventum One Triathlon Race Bike | UK


Finish faster.  30 minutes faster.  Analysis of the performance of riders finishing the 2016 & 2017 IRONMAN® World Championships showed the Ventum riders finished the bicycle segment of the race an average of 18 minutes faster, and the overall race an average of 30 minutes faster.  This was comparing athletes on Ventum bicycles to athletes racing on the 24 other bicycle brands that had at least 20 bikes in the race.

Ventum One Triathlon Race Bike | UK


No more hunting for hydration systems with the least drag.  Ventum’s patented design integrates the water bottle into the top tube of the frame, which reduces aerodynamic drag and makes Ventum bikes the only bikes that are faster with a water bottle than without.  The bottle holds 1.4 litres* and comes with a drinking straw and a bite valve, so you can stay hydrated without ever leaving your aerodynamic position.  The magnetic clip system on the straw guides it back on to you aero bars when you let it go.  *(46cm frames use a slightly smaller 1.2 litre bottle)

Ventum One Triathlon Race Bike | UK


Fast starts with great fit.  The Ventum One is available in five frame sizes to accommodate a wide range of riders and positions.   Click here to view our Ventum size chart.

If you want even more adjustability, Ventum uses only standard-sized parts, so you can add your own after-market components.


The Ventum One and Ventum Z are currently very low in stock, with only a few frame sizes and colour options available.  If you would like to purchase a Ventum triathlon bike, please contact us on 01752 893742 or to discuss your requirements.

Ventum One Triathlon Race Bike | UK